Top 10 Most Common Uses for Private or Dedicated Proxies

Common Uses for Dedicated or Private Proxies

There are several different reasons that you would want to consider utilizing a dedicated or private proxy server. Proxy servers are often viewed as complicated and sophisticated, but in reality using proxies is simple. This article will go in-depth into some of the different reasons that dedicated proxies can be useful.

It’s important to know that private and dedicated proxies are on and the same; it’s a proxy server that’s dedicated only to one user. Why not just call these types of proxies dedicated? Many long-time proxy users are used to the verbiage of “private.” We’ll also discuss how private or dedicated are slightly different than other forms of proxy servers.


Usage #10 – Playing Video Games

Proxy servers can be setup on modern gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to provide users the ability to setup their network connection through a dedicated proxy. This is a popular option that many gamers are starting to take advantage of, especially due to the advantageous benefits of running console games through a proxy server.

The motive for gamers to run their consoles through a proxy server stems from some of the benefits that come along with the opportunity itself, including the ability to conceal behind layers of private proxy server infrastructure.


Security for Video Messaging

Usage #9 – Video Chatting or Instant Messaging

Proxy servers can be extremely useful for online video chatting software such as Skype, Telegram, Discord or ICQ, particularly because the proxy server creates a buffer between the clients and the software itself. This makes online video chatting safer, especially from those trying to use “packet sniffing” software which deeply analyzes network traffic.

Packet sniffing software can easily find your IP address on certain video chatting or instant messaging software, especially if it’s insecure or an outdated software version. By using a private or dedicated proxy, you mask your network activity so your IP address is safe and sound behind your proxy.


Internet Speed Test

Usage #8 – Internet Connection Speed

Proxy servers have the unique capability of caching internet search data and browsing history so that internet browsing can be faster and more efficient and displaying frequently viewed web pages. This process can help save internet bandwidth and improve loading times for important web pages. Private networks can use saved web page data when a network request is made from any computer connected to that private internet network.

Again, this can be useful for private companies that have hundreds of computers established across their internal internet network.


Securing Your Connection

Usage #7 – Securing an IP Address

Having a secure IP address can be important for large dedicated networks. A proxy server can be used to add additional protection layers to the network when hackers attempt to steal information. This can be a life line for any large network that requires security to protect large amounts of information that is stored over the network.

Having a secure IP Address can help prevent network attacks such as a DDoS attack, which can potentially shut down a network by spamming unnecessary data and bandwidth to overwhelm an internet network.


Usage #6 – Watching Movies and Videos

Perhaps one of the most popular tasks to use a private proxy server for is streaming videos. Streaming this type of content has soared in recent years, especially with the rise of companies like Netflix and Hulu.

Users from around the world have been able to stream full length movies by masking themselves behind a private proxy server. In many cases, users outside of the United States have been able to gain access to movies and shows that have exclusively been released within the country. Until some sort of deterrent technology is invented, it is currently hard to imagine a path way for streaming to decrease over time.


Usage #5 – Improving Online Anonymity

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons to use a proxy server is to disguise your identity when handling online web searches or other online tasks through a network connection. A proxy server can be used to decoy an identity, which can be particularly useful when the business requires such behavior.

This particular feature can be most helpful to private companies that require an extremely secure online network to complete business related tasks. Private proxy servers are not uncommon, and definitely provide an additional layer of protection within the network. This can prevent people from tracing actions deep within a network, which can help create protection in the surrounding areas of the business.

Using a proxy server to create an anonymous web searching capability is probably the easiest way to protect an identity without going through advanced security measures to do such a thing.


Usage #4 – Browsing Web Stores Securely

Some web stores limit their products to one item per customer. This is often frustrating to clients who are in need of more than one item, however without some alternative tactic, they are forced to the customer restriction of one.

Private and dedicated proxies can allow customers to bypass this product order restriction by masking and changing the identity of the original network connection. In most cases, this tactic can be used in online web stores to create multiple accounts under different IP address identities and effectively get more products than the restricted amount. Just make sure you’re abiding by the web store’s terms of service. Some online web stores have started to look for private proxy connections to prevent them from taking advantage of their order restrictions and limits. It is possible that a new technology will be invented to allow various web stores to prevent private proxy connections from creating multiple accounts, but this is unlikely to happen at a fast pace.


Financial Web Security

Usage #3 – Financial Protection and Safety

Proxy servers are often used to protect sensitive information that is stored within a private network. This sensitive information usually includes financial data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and routing numbers. These proxy servers can establish an additional layer of protection and security to make it harder for potential cyber thieves from obtaining access to the sensitive financial data stored on the network.

In many cases, these proxy servers have served as a deterrent to prevent cyber crimes from happening before they ever begin. Cyber hackers are less likely to try and break their way into a well protected proxy network that has additional safety measures in place to protect sensitive financial information.

These proxy servers are often used by large financial institutions and other private businesses than handle sensitive information to protect their networks and servers. This is a recommended action for business owners who manage large private networks with sensitive data storage within the network. A private proxy server can go a long way in protecting against potential cyber hacks and theft.


Managing Multiple Accounts

Usage #2 – Managing Website Accounts

Managing multiple accounts from one IP address usually causes the website your account is registered at to notice. This can lead to issues like accounts you’ve registered being banned. Even worse, your IP address can be blocked from visiting the particular website which you’ve registered multiple times on.

If you’re super active on a certain website, for example a social media site, you may have multiple accounts that you’d like to manage. By using private or dedicated proxies, you can manage each account on a separate IP address to solidify your privacy and further protect your accounts. With each of your registered accounts behind a proxy, the host website will think you’re more than one computer or person.


Location Testing

Usage #1 – Location Testing

Many regions around the world limit internet connections to specific types of websites and online databases. Proxy servers can be used to test for restrictions and directly connect clients with the restricted information. This is particularly useful in countries that have heavy restrictions on internet freedom, as well as providing clients additional privacy benefits.

Sometimes website restrictions isn’t the only problem that clients desire to solve by using private proxies. In some cases, online services are restricted to individuals only within a specific country. For example, imagine an online streaming service that only provides access to its shows and videos to users within the North American jurisdiction. Clients can establish a network connection to a proxy server and gain access to this online service from an outside location, such as Europe, and mask themselves in order to gain access to the online streaming service. This is a popular tactic that is used by clients outside of their homeland whom desire access to some of the world’s most popular online services. As of now, there is no technology that can consistently prevent proxy server connections from taking advantage of this alternative method.

Looking for help on using your proxies to browse the web? Chances are you’ll find our support site and blog article on using proxies in a browser useful.

More Than Just 10 Reasons

We’ve taken an in-depth look at 10 different reasons that a private or dedicated proxy server may be useful when handling network connections on the world wide web. Many private businesses across the world utilize proxy servers to enhance their privacy and security measures. Individuals also take advantage of these privacy benefits to mask their internet activity through a proxy connection.

There are more than just 10 reasons that somebody might want to setup a proxy server, however these are 10 of the most common reasons that a business or individual may consider working with a proxy connection. There’s no doubt that there are dozens of privacy and security benefits.

All in all, it is unlikely that we will see the use of proxy servers reduced in the coming years, especially as more and more people start realizing how connected the world really is. Social media platforms have changed the way that the individuals connect to each other in the digital world. Proxy servers may be the last thing that can bring individuals back to some form of privacy before the entire digital world becomes completely transparent for one another to witness.

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