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It’s important to understand the quality of our rotating backconnect proxies. Read our FAQ to understand how backconnect proxies work and how they’ll benefit your application.

What makes rotating backconnect proxies better than normal datacenter proxies?

In most applications, non-rotating datacenter proxy IPs eventually become restricted by major websites. This can happen due to something as simple as queries detecting a proxy is active or exceeding request limits.

The RotatingProxies network is an ever-changing and ever-growing one, composed of highly varied business, datacenter and commercial proxy IPs. Our backconnect proxies backconnect into fresh new USA or worldwide IP addresses every 5 minutes. This 5-minute IP rotation is bult-into each rotating proxy you purchase.

How can I use rotating proxies?

Our backconnect proxies can be used like traditional proxies by entering the IP and port into your software or application. All proxies connect to our evergreen and expansive pool of proxy peers. Our proxies support HTTP and HTTPS protocols. These proxies are excellent for SEO scraping, account creation and social site tasks.

How many proxies, ports and threads will I receive?

Within 24 hours after placing your order, we'll send you the amount of proxies you've ordered in IP:Port format. Each single proxy supports 10 connections. After placing an order, your proxies will appear in your dashboard.

Do you have Scrapebox, Ticketmaster, Nike, ATC and other niche proxies?

Yes. Click the respective link to buy proxies for each site:

We review and refresh our proxy network at least once weekly to ensure all connections are functioning optimally. Contact us if you'd like to be sure our proxies will work for your particular application.

How many proxies can RotatingProxies provide?

With the help of our passionate development team, our proxy network is constantly growing and upgrading. We advertise a maximum package of 10,000 proxies on our bulk pricing page. To purchase more proxies, contact us. We're able to provide larger bulk discounting than what is listed on our site.

How do I upgrade to more proxies?

To upgrade your proxy plan, go to your order's original confirmation email. Here, click Manage Subscription or Dashboard. Then click Upgrade to select a new plan. A prorated refund for unused time on your previous plan will be automatically processed within 24 hours.

How do I authorize a new IP with my proxies?

To authorize new IPs with your proxies, go to your order's original confirmation email. Here, click Manage Subscription or Dashboard. Next, you will see a field you can use to submit a new authorized IP request.

Do you have USA backconnect proxies?

Yes, when you order from RotatingProxies your proxies are from USA locations by default. Our network prioritizes USA proxies every rotation interval so you can connect to the fastest and most stable USA proxy peers as often as possible.

Can I buy proxies from a specific city or country?

You may choose USA, worldwide or other available proxy locations upon checkout. Our USA proxies consist of diversified c-class subnets and ISPs that are located in a wide-range of states and major cities. Our worldwide proxies consist of proxy peers from a variety of European countries and around the world. Contact us to inquire about targeting other specific IP locations.

How do I contact support?

If your question is unanswered by our FAQs, you can reach out using our contact page. You can also send us a message using the support email address provided in your order confirmation email. When contacting support, please include the email address you used when placing your order.

How do I cancel & what is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your proxy plan's subscription at any time by selecting the Go to Dashboard button located in your order's confirmation email. In your dashboard, select More billing details, then select Cancel Subscription. You may also contact support to have your subscription cancelled for you.

While we provide expert USA-based support and work closely with our customers to solve any issues, there are no refunds. See our cancellation terms and our terms of service for details.

How do I connect to my proxies?

Your server's or computer's IP address must be granted access to your proxies. You can provide this address when placing an order, or provide it after ordering by contacting support. This process is called "IP authorization."

You can connect to rotating backconnect proxies the same way you can with other types. Enter the IP address into your application and include the port number too.

I'm having an issue with proxy time outs.

Given the nature of backconnect proxies and based on user-side software settings, time outs are possible. We built 5-minute IP rotation into our proxies to counter issues with time outs or with specific websites loading properly. If timeouts or other issues persist, please follow the steps below.

Important troubleshooting steps to take:

• Ensure the IP address on your proxies' delivery email matches the IP address of the host you're connecting from.

• If your application or software supports a timeout and request length setting, try adjusting them to accommodate natural variance in internet connections of IPs that your proxies are rotating through.

• Be sure no connection restrictions exist on the network you're using the proxies on. For example, ensure proxy ports are open.

• If you still have issues with timeouts after troubleshooting, contact us with the following details:

  • Your application or software's timeout setting (if supported.)
  • The IP address of the machine you're accessing the proxies from.
  • Which proxy (IP:Port) you're having issues with.
  • A screenshot of the issue you see, if any.
  • The tool you are using proxies with.

I've just placed an order; where are my proxies?

If you've ordered less than 24 hours ago, your proxies are on the way. Typically, it takes our team 2-24 hours to set up and deliver proxies. If you notice any differently, please contact support so we can investigate.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us.