Connecting rotating proxies with Scrapebox so they work efficiently is a task which requires fine-tuning. Once the fine-tuning is complete, you will find rotating proxies to be a powerful long-term solution.

By following this guide, you will learn the best way to optimize Scrapebox to work with RotatingProxies’ rotating proxies.


Find the best settings for Scrapebox

To prepare for changing settings, consider that rotating proxies are constantly changing their IPs. So, it is possible there is an error by connecting to the proxy while it is rotating (this process normally takes 5-10 seconds.) To account for this, we will increase Scrapebox’s retry settings.

Here’s our recommended settings that we recommend adjusting based on the URLs you are scraping:

Harvester: 1/2 the threads of your total proxies (Each Scrapebox Proxy provides supports up to 10 threads or connections)

Harvester Timeout: 120 seconds (max)

Harvester Proxy Retries: 10 (max)

Harvester Proxy Timeout: 20 seconds (max)

Harvester Error Retries: 5

Harvester Max Redirect: 3

Harvester Min Threads: 100%

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