Getting proxies to work properly and successfully with sneaker releases can be a fun when you’re copping but a difficult task if it’s your first time. Since there are hundreds of different sneaker bots, the tips offered in this guide will be broad. The aim of this guide is provide helpful tips for sneaker software users.


General tips for using proxies for ATC or sneaker releases

Tip #1: Do not listen to the proxy tester! RotatingProxies providers backconnect proxies, whereas proxy testers are built for datacenter proxies. If you are using a proxy tester, you are more than likely looking at false-positive errors. For example, if you are using rotating proxies, you may be testing while a proxy is rotating so an error is displayed.

Tip #2: Pass all proxies. Instead of testing the proxies, load them up and use them to add an item to a cart. This is the tried-and-true way to test rotating or backconnect proxies.

Tip #3: Retry. If you have an issue adding an item to a cart, or you see a lot of errors, retry.

Tip #4: Contact your application’s developer or support team. Your software’s developer will be able to provide specific steps you can follow to ensure your backconnect proxies are working the best they can with your sneaker application.

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