The Definitive Guide to Backconnect Proxies for Business

The Definitive Guide to Backconnect Proxies for Business

You’re most likely familiar with such terms as private and dedicated proxies or shared proxies. Although when you buy backconnect proxies, there are identical configurations and connections through ports as with normal proxies, there is one significant difference. This difference is based on the network with which you’re currently connected. A backconnect proxy does function the same way as a shared or private and dedicated proxy works. The difference is due to the fact that the backconnect proxy comes from a different variety of server than the other proxy types, which ultimately will provide definite advantages for you and your business.


Definition and Purpose of Backconnect Proxies

The Definition and Purpose of Backconnect Proxies for Business

A backconnect proxy provides access to a more extensive “pool” or collection of proxies. A backconnect proxy may automatically alter its IP, virtually every 5 minutes. Each IP change may be at the request of the user or according to another custom configuration. Particularly on websites that track site usage based on IP addresses, this will provide increased levels of anonymity and security for your IP address and business website identity.

When you use a backconnect proxy, it moves at a regular pace among the pool of data-center proxies or residential proxies, using each proxy in the pool for only a short length of time. In this way, use of the backconnect proxy assures your business of a much higher degree of anonymity and improved security. Simply stated, it is actually an upgraded residential proxy that provides more enhanced capabilities than the other normal proxy types. In addition, your backconnect proxy will be just as user-friendly as a common residential proxy, providing equal ease of use.

If you buy backconnect proxies, every time you make a request, it will be directed to a different IP for processing, which will safeguard your anonymity and security. This can be of definite benefit if you make repetitive requests since your targeted site will not view your requests as suspicious actions due to the fact that they originate from a wide array of servers.

You will also gain protection from the fact that your site is not likely to be hit with a malware attack because your actual IP will have coverage from myriad servers simultaneously. Especially if you have the need to enter more sophisticated requests like web crawling and scraping, you will benefit greatly through use of backconnect proxies for consistently higher rates of effectiveness and efficiency.

Just to review the method of operation of a backconnect proxy, you can visualize these simple steps. With use of a normal proxy, if you send a change request from connection A to B, all subsequent requests that you generate will go the same route, from A to B. When you buy backconnect proxies, however, there are numerous possibilities for request direction and destination within the network because of the large number of IP’s that are available for use.

Every request connection is destined to be different. If you visit a search engine website, your request for the home page becomes connection A. The next page you request and access is connection B. If you then enter a search request, the resulting page is connection C, and so on. The major difference is that each part of the request results in a change in referrer data, which complicates the connection route. This can make it virtually impossible to identify proxy users and to control the use of specific IP addresses.


Types of Backconnect Proxies

Different Types of Proxies and Their Function

When you use a residential proxy, or server, it will mask or conceal your IP address so that you can access virtually any website on the Internet. None of your target sites will be able to detect your real IP. However, because it is a single server, your residential proxy may provide you with varied or limited browsing options. If you send the same request repeatedly when using a regular residential IP, the target site’s server will eventually detect your frequent use of the same proxy server. The target website server may then deny you access and use of this site. If your browsing requests are simple and varied, a normal residential IP may be a good choice for your needs.

It’s true that there are some aspects of using a medium-size to large backconnect proxy network for your business that some new or small companies might see as somewhat challenging or inconvenient. However, these aspects are only slight disadvantages when compared with the overall importance of the benefits this type of web use can provide. With their rapid speed of request resource returns, improved anonymity and security, even many small companies and startups recognize the immensely valuable advantages of choosing to buy backconnect proxies.

However, most businesses need to decide to buy backconnect proxies because of their specific advanced options. Different types of backconnect proxy servers currently in popular use provide different and specific features and capabilities, such as the following:

  • Reverse Proxy Servers – Reverse proxies receive requests from the Internet and forward them on to one of the web servers. A given website may typically have a group of web servers behind a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy balances the volume of requests and helps optimize and maintain high degrees of server availability. The majority of site visitors are not aware that sites are utilizing reverse proxies since they’re not able to detect the actions of these servers or have no real interest in doing so. In the design of a computer network, a reverse proxy server retrieves data requested by a client or user from one or more other servers.

When this resource material is returned to the client user, it seems to have originated from the proxy server. The reverse proxy server is positioned behind the firewall in a private computer network and relays user requests to the backend server best suited to processing the client request. This reverse proxy supplies an added degree of regulation and masking to facilitate continuous quality movement of network traffic to and from client users and servers. Reverse proxies also offer ongoing protection to web servers against malware and hackers that is not available with use of a forward proxy. Especially with the prevalence of malware and hacking on the web today, it can be vital to the security of your business data to use a reverse proxy.

During the 1990’s, forward proxies were in popular use for enabling a number of computers in the same network to connect with and use the Internet. These forward proxies were typically found within the network’s internal operations, where they often assumed the role of a cache server. The cache server could store frequently downloaded resources on the server, saving them for prompt and easy forwarding to the next request for this material to the client requester for downloading.

There are many varied types of forward proxies, for example, web proxy, HTTP proxy, SOCKS proxy and others. If you use a forward proxy to surf the Internet, you will experience a slowdown in browser operational speed. You should also be aware of the fact that hackers sometimes build free forward proxies for unscrupulous and disruptive purposes. Your use of one of these free forward proxies could prove to be quite costly over time.

  • Rotating Proxy Servers – Rotating proxy servers offer multiple valuable benefits. They’re more versatile and useful due to their rotation of IP addresses. With use of this type of proxy, your IP address will be well masked since every request you send is processed through a different and random IP address. Rotating proxies also offer greater reliability since they’re designed to disregard any non-functioning proxy servers. With use of an advanced rotating proxy, there is no need for complex configuration or for downloading apps. In addition, with use of an IP changing proxy, new IP addresses are rotated into use while old ones are rotated out. These proxies ensure high levels of IP masking at all times.
  • Bonus: Reverse Proxy via NGINX – Numerous commonly used applications have the capability to act as servers. However, NGINX offers multiple features for enhanced security, technically advanced load balancing and acceleration. The majority of specialized apps fail to provide these options. When you use NGINX as a reverse proxy, you can add these functions to any application, as desired. With use of NGINX as a reverse proxy, you also have the benefit of a server positioned between external clients and internal applications, continuously directing client user requests to the most appropriate server.

These types of proxies are more complex to set up and significantly more costly than other proxy varieties. Yet the larger the network available for your business use, the more IP addresses that you can make use of. In most cases, the extra expense will prove well worth the money for the long term.



Ways to Access Backconnect Proxies for Business Today

Ways You Can Access a Backconnect Proxy for Business Use Today

Methods by which you can access a backconnect proxy for your business use today include the following:

  • IP Authentication – The IP address of the server that you will be connecting from for business use is required to be authorized before you can have access to your proxies. This authorization, “IP authentication,” makes it possible for you to gain access to your assigned proxies from the network you’re working with. Without completion of this authentication, you would most likely encounter error messages like, “No route to host” or “Connection refused.” Many proxy plans available today permit multiple authenticated IP’s for client users.

Once you’re logged in to the website of your backconnect proxy provider company, you can authorize one or multiple IP addresses to enable you to access your proxies from a number of different servers or machines. To change or make additions of IP addresses that are authorized, go to your dashboard page where you can locate your dashboard link as given in your original confirmation email when you first started to buy backconnect proxies. Enter a new authorization IP address either by typing or pasting it in and click “Authorize.” You will also find an option to authorize multiple IP addresses by entering them one per line and then clicking “Authorize.”

  • Username and Password Authentication – With use of security questions and answers and website recognition of your client user password, you can buy backconnect proxies from your provider company for your business use. Some backconnect proxy service provider company procedures may require that you enter on the company website a unique code of numbers that is sent to your mobile phone to ensure that you’re the original user of your login data. In the future, the majority of these proxy providers may use user fingerprints or eye scans as client user identification criteria, but username and password authentication are the most common requirements at the present time.


Determining Whether Backconnect Proxies are Best for Your Business

Determining Whether a Backconnect Proxy is Best for Your Business

Some people assume that the type of industry your business involves determines what type of proxy is the best choice for your company use. However, two of the most important deciding factors should be the volume of Internet usage your company has on a regular basis and whether or not you need high-level security for company success. Many different types of companies have steady and sometimes heavy internet usage in their normal daily operations. More and more businesses today depend on information and idea sharing as well as data exchange for survival and growth.

Many separate companies collaborate on major aspects of new, innovative business principles and procedures toward accomplishing a common objective. They have discovered that sharing a common direction and goal in business lets them join forces and capabilities to arrive at their goal faster and more efficiently, achieving impressive and highly effective results. The leaders of these modern companies hold the use of backconnect proxies in high importance on their lists of what is needed for achieving significant expansion and rising profits.



If your Internet business needs include top-grade proxies for advanced online operations like web crawling and scraping, frequent use of SEO software or setting up accounts, deciding to buy backconnect proxies is a good idea for enhancing the different aspects and overall success of your enterprise. Although many proxy providers offer backconnect proxies for sale today, these proxies are not all of excellent quality with highest levels of effectiveness. You must decide the true value of highly safe, top-level business operations on an ongoing basis. Just remember that if you select a cheap residential proxy for your online business use, you should be prepared for less than stellar performance and results.

However, there are proxy providers that currently offer top-tier services for completely satisfied customers. You simply need to do some research to determine that your choice of backconnect proxy providers offers fine caliber proxies and services. By choosing to buy backconnect proxies that offer high degrees of reliability, speed and security, you will ensure having use of the best possible proxy capabilities and services available anywhere today. Even if your company is a relatively new startup, you will definitely be on the path for surviving and thriving while protecting your true IP address and your company identity.

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