10 Ways to Generate Income with Backconnect Proxies

10 Ways to Generate Income With Backconnect Proxies

If you’re considering purchasing backconnect proxies, rotating proxies or residential proxies, it’s important to know the differences before making your investment. A proxy is a tool or service you can employ to shield others from viewing or obtaining your private information. Residential proxies are pulled from IP addresses assigned by normal broadband ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Backconnect proxies come from providers who rotate the requested proxies after a set period of time. In most situations, finding a proxy provider who sells proxies that rotate often is ideal since it keeps your browsing session much more undetectable.

There are more perks to owning a residential or backconnect proxy than just offering identity protection. Even though it is often criticized, lots of people use residential proxies or backconnect proxies to make a living. Generating money using proxies the honest and proper way will take time and dedication. There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes out there, so be weary. The best marketers put forth constant effort to maintain their software’s effectiveness when pairing it with backconnect or residential proxies.

If you’re looking to earn money the ethical way, it is also important to research the ways you can carefully, as generally speaking, you are responsible for what you use the proxies for. Below are 10 great ways to do so while also developing your skills, earning your reputation and maintaining your integrity.

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Social Media Automation

Successfully running a social media campaign goes beyond just clicking “like” as a means of reaching audiences. It takes patience and dedication to demonstrate many levels of engagement. Frequent posting, multiple accounts, and search engine harvesting is the considered when trying to grow your brand. Search engine harvesting, locates URLs that contain similar content found during your search. You can chart all of this data easily with the “Comment Poster” feature, which lets you automate your comments on blogs. This can potentially increase your audience engagement, page ranking with backlinks and reach.

Considered a questionable means of making money by some, if used only to up your followers, share a “like”, or update a post, this approach to campaigning is can be legitimate. Sites like Facebook, for example, dislike a lot of activity coming from a sole IP address. Follow Liker allows you to monitor and customize all elements of your Twitter, Pinterest, or another social media account and the money is generated in two ways:

if you own your brand, consider purchasing more than one proxy and allocating those purchases as business expenses. You reduce the amount of personal time and effort spent in powering your social media campaigns, which gradually saves you money and time; utilizing multiple proxies for a handful of brands at a time, while running social media service for others.

Create and Maintain a Public Proxy Server

The first way you, as an owner, can start to earn money is by going public with your proxy server. Unlocking your proxy to the public for use as an internet browser is the usual for residential proxy use. Glype is a web-based proxy that’s has both free and paid models. You can also use Glype to set up residential proxies for general use, then set up ads on the server. The higher the number of click-through on those ads, the better your chances are of generating cash. This method is similar to most other websites that are ad enabled, however, yours offers privacy, protection and actions of a public proxy server. If you’re aiming to utilize this as a means to earn money, you will need to pay a licensing fee based on the projected number of users.

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Server Load Testing

Server load tests are done to help fortify security into websites and to thwart any more of these attacks. If you own a batch of proxies and possess coding abilities, you can become a tester for a bunch of companies, who will most likely pay you for the work. This method is often employed by larger companies, but there are a lot of smaller, unprotected websites that could benefit from your services.

One thing you definitely do not want to be a part of, is a Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS outside of testing your own servers. Service attacks are regularly used to shut down other websites, and have been thought to have been used by hacker groups like Anonymous to protest. By some, Anonymous is viewed as a public nuisance because of attacks like these meddle with government and corporate websites. This means of making money or protesting is dishonest and very illegal. Plus, these types of attacks are easily traced back to the perpetrator if the server administrator obtains the proper logs.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Tracker

Tracking keywords and rankings on Google is a surprisingly popular avenue for business lately and, with tons of brands and businesses vying for top rank, keyword positioning scraping is often the strategy. Search Engine Optimization, also know as SEO, writing prioritizes the keywords that makes it easier for people to find them. Residential proxies can be used, but are not typically because the address is tied to you directly. Lots of companies prefer not to have their IP address requesting so much data, which could lead to being reported and shut down. On the other hand, if you are a business owner this method gives you the option to do positioning and analysis on your own.

Scraping Software for Your Business

Some other popular scraping software names include Scrapebox, GSA SER, SEnuke, Long Tail Pro, RankerX and XRumer. Scrapebox, for example, is a Windows-only software you that uses some of the tracking tools discussed above. Keyword scraping is not difficult and because it has a huge host of tools, it is a great medium in case you are trying to decide between using SERP or social media. Running a social media campaign on Instagram or Twitter is sometimes a great platform — despite it not really being the ideal forum to post too much about your personal life.

Scraping software can sometimes prove to be a salient tool to use for income, particularly when all of the above methods are tied together. However, this way isn’t the recommended way to make money with your direct proxy. Instead, using backconnect proxies with the application will get your website or business the vital increase of visibility in the sea of other businesses, sellers and consumers. Increased visibility can, in turn, make you a lot more money.

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Reverse Proxy and Encryption

A reverse proxy can be used as a means of protection from internet traffic, user requests, and potential outside party attacks. With this strategy you are able to use a proxy to create a Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, level of encryption that is often cheaper and faster for all parties. Websites that are deemed “safe” must purchase an SSL Server Certificate to remain considered. Rather than the client buying his or her own certificate for each of the web domains, using your proxy or proxies as the certified site saves business owners money and time. Each of the websites will be required to share a DNS name and/or address, which is a large request, but if you have multiple, backconnect proxies going and a large network, this should not be too difficult to achieve.

Reverse Proxy for Caching

Similar to utilizing a reverse proxy for SSL encryption, using one for caching information also requires a strong technical expertise and clients who value your work. Most cases clients are business owners who have websites that contain a lot of elements that are intricate and can take some time to load. Reverse proxies lets you stash their static content, for instance images, so when a viewer visits the page more than once, their loading wait time will not be as long. This can surely earn you income, but it entails a lot more than just a proxy as a strong background in coding is crucial.

YouTube Views or Automation

Unfortunately, with the tried methods above come the somewhat questionable strategies. They are often seen as means of cheating because they diminish the integrity of the client or clients related. Selling views on YouTube is a popular way people use proxies, but, for obvious reasons, is not encouraged by YouTube and Google. You can also use proxies to automate views by sending the address to the video, which programs it to watch the video until the end. The proxy then reloads with a different IP address and watches it again as many times as it is dictated. This will increase a video’s audience reach but it is ultimately disingenuous. Yes, you can make money, but at a pretty steep risk of being detected.

Generally speaking, the YouTube video promotion community is tight-knit. When you ask a successful YouTube video promoter details of their method, they will likely turn you away. This is largely due to the fact that sites like YouTube constantly update their automation detection algorithms. In turn, most YouTube video promoters are the developers of the automation software they’re using and or the method itself. We encourage you to constantly ask questions to find the information you’re looking for; whether you’re asking in our comments section or on other online forums.

Ticketing or Ticket Browsing

People use proxies to buy large amounts of concert and event tickets. Users buy hundreds of tickets at a time and often resell them at a higher prices than the original. This method is a poor way to make money because it steals money from musicians and artists. High end providers obtain proxies for this sole purpose, mainly with sales on ticket selling sites like Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster, for example, frequently updates a list of banned of IP addresses, in turn creating a challenging and often expensive situation.

Instead, a good method is to browse tickets and scrape data that can be useful for analytics, research and web apps. Be creative here; being creative goes a long way when using more advanced backconnect proxies. They typically require advanced configurations (to avoid browser footprint detection) when browsing ticketing sites.

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Limited Release Sneakers or ATC

It is no secret that sneaker aficionados are insane about buying the latest limited edition sneakers, so the use of a sneaker bot is the common tool to use. Multiple proxies can get you banned — even when you’re staring down the light at the end of the check out tunnel — which means two things: that you have lost your spot in line, and that you’ll be needing a new IP. This is one main challenge of running a successful ATC (add-to-cart) service.

As frustrating as a ban may be it isn’t a common occurrence, but what is considered the point of frustration is having it banned in the right when you have it all in your cart. To avoid having to exhaust yourself fixing it, understanding the warning flags and ensuring your proxy IPs aren’t banned is an important way to start. Websites view high volumes of activity and random locations as red flags. Requests coming in from an irrelevant geolocation, identical requests coming in the same time, multiple requests from the same browser, and activity using questionable or high risk terms are the most common causes for an IP flagging and subsequent shut down.

Now, you may hit a wall and feel tempted to resort to using unsavory tactics to make money that can not only result in your proxy banning, but ruin your reputation terribly. Email marketing and Costs Per Action, or CPA, falsification are the common routes, and both are very likely to get you caught. Email marketing “blasts” emails to contacts with what is known as an AdFly URL to your proxy website, which drops money in your pocket every time your website link is clicked. This is also known as spamming. The Cost Per Actions tactic, advertisers pay you for traffic on your page. CPA falsification takes proxies to manufacture fake impressions on your site, deceiving advertisers into paying.

Generating income using residential proxies or backconnect proxies can be a challenging, and expensive, way to earn a living but it is not impossible. Making money using these strategies ultimately lies in how well you are able to generate traffic, how much dedicated time and patience you devote, and possibly most importantly: how much you understand the weight of responsibility you take on when choosing this path. As long you are aware of the potential risks and consequences, you could find this to be a lucrative business opportunity.

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