Top 5 Scraping Programs to Use with Residential Proxies

Top 5 Scraping Programs to Use with Residential Proxies

Residential proxies allow you an extra level of anonymity and ability for your scraping needs since they’re not as easily blacklisted as datacenter proxies; residential proxies are virtually undetectable. Corporate giants like Google, Ticketmaster or Nike can easily pick up on a datacenter’s IP address (or multiple at once, in a subnet of IP addresses) and thereby limit or alter the interaction with their services. We’re trying to gather data efficiently and en masse using a scraping program like the ones we’re going to discuss below. Residential proxies are much less likely to have been detected by the players in whatever industry interests you. Below, we’ll review scraping programs that benefit from residential proxies so you can scrape or collect information in bulk like a pro.

1. GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a very diverse and involved link building platform. As a scraper, this software platform can scrape target URLs from Google in order to maximize the efficiency of the backlinks that get built. Just enter in your keywords, target categories, and GSA Search Engine Ranker will scrape hundreds of pages of Google results in order to find places for your backlinks to be submitted and then cultured.

When making multiple (sometimes multiple thousands…) requests to any service, we want to be sure to use the right proxies; GSA Search Engine Ranker supports the use of whichever proxies you wish to feed it. It’s important to remember that Google quickly picks up on the most popular proxies, proxy networks and especially proxy datacenters (which don’t even hide the fact that they’re proxies.) Compare this to residential proxies which appear to be from an ISP and thereby appear to be a regular person using the internet.

GSA Search Engine Ranker offers more than a dozen related freeware programs to help you with your SEO efforts, including one that allows you to scrape the internet at large for proxies. Scraping the web for free proxies sounds like a wonderful idea, until you consider the quality of the proxies involved. If the folks at GSA managed to create a piece of software that identifies proxies anyone can use on the internet for anonymous browsing – don’t you think that Google and Microsoft are aware of them too, and severely limit their access? Be very careful when searching for proxies; the IP from which you appear to be coming from can be the single biggest factor when determining whether or not you’ll have successful interactions with whatever site you’re planning on using. Residential proxies allow you the comfort and security of knowing that your actions appear to be happening by a real person sitting behind a real computer using a real Internet Service Provider in a real geographic location. All of this maximizes the chances of your success in GSA Search Engine Ranker!

2. Scrapebox

Scrapebox delivers exactly what it promises, which is the ability to ‘harvest’ and then comment, contact or otherwise interact with literally thousands of search engine results for your keywords. Trusted by SEO freelancers and companies worldwide, Scrapebox allows you a fully-featured way to scrape results from Google and then perform automatic actions on those results. As always, it’s important to consider the quality of the proxies we use when performing these many hundreds upon thousands of actions in order to create and maintain backlinks. It’s important to consider that you may have absolutely no luck with this software should you choose to either act without a proxy or poorly choose a list of proxies over another. Through proper research, it’s possible to identify the best possible proxies to use. I’ll give you a hint: they’re residential proxies!

Scrapebox even has the ability to check the authority of any harvested URL (even thousands upon thousands of harvested URLs per however many keywords you decide to search for). The scraping involved to do this is tremendous and it’s key that you have a diverse and highly anonymous list of proxies in order to consume this feature. It’s key to pay careful attention to what sort of proxies you use and where you get them. There are a number of important factors to consider when considering a proxy service or a list of proxies. The single most determining factor in the success rate of any proxy list is where there IPs appear to be from, whether that’s a datacenter or residential internet connection. While datacenter proxies can be acquired for a real bargain, you’ll find that your success rate for whatever scraping or automatic action you’re trying to achieve will be close to nil with a datacenter proxy since they’re banned so quickly. Think carefully about the pros and cons of your proxy choice, even though the right choice might not be the cheapest. ‘You get what you pay for’ rings true in all walks of life, including SEO using automated tools like Scrapebox.

3. RankerX

RankerX touts itself as the ‘Best SEO Tool’ and they might not be far from the mark. Trusted by many and claiming to get you to rank #1 in Google, they’re worth some serious time and investment to try out. With full automation and very high success rates, their software allows you to build backlinks on high authority sites – which is key for any SEO enthusiast or professional. They make specific reference in their sales pitch to dealing with Google’s Recaptcha. If you’ve been reading the majority of this article already, you’d be safe in knowing that using the right residential proxies would prevent you from the pains of being blacklisted by Google completely. Freedom from detection by sites like Google is a huge help should you be aiming to use RankerX or any of the tools in this article for larger, more involved campaigns, or even a number of smaller campaigns.

Of all the tools we’ve downloaded or signed up for, trialed and reviewed for this article, RankerX by far has the cleanest and most easy to use interface. It’s simple to learn yet extremely powerful – and it’s a platform that brings most of the effective and efficient aspects of an SEO tool to the table. While the ultimate choice for anyone is a personal and subjective one, we recommend giving RankerX a try if you’re looking for a clean, simple and easy to understand interface that delivers powerful results.

4. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is an excellent service for scraping Google AdWords Keyword Tool results, and finding the perfect keywords to either perform SEO for or even bid on using AdWords itself. The idea is that the longer and more specific a keyword, or specific search phrase, less competition will exist for that exact phrase. Long Tail Pro allows you to easily find phrases like these that relate to your more general keyword or idea, and then capitalize on the discrepancies you find among the results. Long Tail Pro relies heavily on proxies in order to make recurring requests to Google AdWords and other services, and it’s important to consider the quality of your proxies when you’re working with this powerful tool. The software would be useless and net you zero return on investment if it’s simply unable to scrape services like AdWords. Considering there’s a good chance Google will automatically deny the use of datacenter IPs (the IPs that it’s aware are used as proxies by many), it’s a safer and more wise bet to use residential proxies.

Long Tail Pro is essentially different from the other tools we’re discussing since it’s a SEO tool that’s not necessarily centered around building backlinks through comments, tracebacks or social media accounts (or what have you.) It’s a tool that’s specifically built to find you immediately profitable keywords to bid on or build your SEO for that will net you huge returns in advertising income while also showing you very little competition (or whatever combination of these factors you’re looking for, specifically). It’s an amazing tool to, for example, find the best affiliate links to promote on Google itself, for direct profits immediately.

An interesting and long-term way to make a buck is to find high CPC and high competition keywords with many searches and then build niche sites around those keywords. Then, you’d build an automated social media presence around trending topics or posts surrounding those keywords and linking back to those sites. You can then capitalize on the AdSense earnings surrounding your visitors (who will mostly be from social media) and sell the site as a whole before having to renew the domain name registration! Many people build and sell websites as a manner of earning bit of side cash, or a living, and Long Tail Pro can be the key factor in determining exactly how much success someone has with an idea like this. There’s countless other web campaigns that you can craft with a piece of software as powerful as this or with other software we’re examining today.

There’s many ways to make money from Long Tail Pro or any of the software listed in this article. The key is to make sure that your thousands upon thousands of automated scrapes and actions are not blocked by the service provider that you’re looking to scrape information from. The key factor in determining whether or not these scrapes or actions are successful is the quality of the proxies involved, so take extra care when selecting the proxies of your operation, and ensure that your choice reflects the overall success you’d like to have with your business (or personal) venture.

5. SEnuke

SEnuke is a piece of software that runs on your computer and allows you to build comments on all sorts of internet media like blogs, news site, social media sites and more. SUnuke helps to build backlinks to your money sites on high authority sites, or backlinks to your backlinks, and backlinks to those. Essentially, you build a tiered tree of backlinks providing authority to each other which then build authority on your money sites. Because SEnuke scrapes literally thousands of sites to provide you this service, it’s a safer bet to use residential proxies instead of datacenter proxies because you’re guaranteed to have a higher success rate when you’re not risking the chance of being already blacklisted. Even though some of the sites involved may be smaller by nature, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be wise enough to block signups or posts from major datacenter proxies!

SEnuke can be scheduled down to the very minute to be constantly working to build a site’s SEO presence (and securing that presence by building the presence of the backlinks, too). It’s a tool that’s helped many SEO professionals over the years execute well-thought out marketing strategies to boost rankings of many niche-related sites.

All in All, Residential Proxies Are Key for SEO

Whatever your ultimate goal is, (whether it’s link and authority building, finding essentially unknown keywords to capitalize on), the above software should be part of your SEO arsenal. It’s good practice to, at least, give the aforementioned software a try to see where it can aid in your SEO strategy. Whether you’re building a business in SEO or a name for yourself by helping others, then one of the most important questions you’ll ask yourself during this process is ‘what proxies do I use, and where do I get them?’ It’s important that your scraping, posting and other autonomic activities online appear to be happening by real people, from real IP addresses, from real geographic locations. Anything else will be red-flagged by the establishment and your success rates will diminish or not even be worth noting to begin with. It’s imperative you make the call to use residential proxies in order to maximize the net results of your efforts, throughout each of your SEO-building activities. It’s important to consider that the combined output of your input depends entirely on the quality of that input. Selecting the right software, hardware and services in the process is crucial when you’re looking to make your way in the world of SEO.

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