Signing up for a proxy plan with Bitcoin or Litecoin is an easy process that allows you to get a full 30-day subscription with the option to renew.


Sign-up for a proxy plan with Bitcoin or Litecoin

1) Visit our sign-up page at one of the following URLs:

2) Click Pay with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 1



3) Select a plan, then fill-in the sign-up form using your details.


BTC and LTC Sign-up Form



4) Click Pay Now via (BTC / LTC)


Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 2



5) A pop-up window will appear, featuring a window with the wallet address to send your coins to.


Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 3



6) Send the required funds to the wallet address in the pop-up window.


7) Your Dashboard and the CoinPayments window will update once your funds have been confirmed successfully. This process may take some time, so be sure to refresh the page after 5-60 minutes.


Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 4

Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 5

8) Once your funds have been confirmed, a Request Proxies button will appear on your Dashboard. Click Request Proxies to start your subscription and get your new proxies!


Bitcoin Sign-Up Step 7

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